6:28 AM

To sum up what happen after my last-last entry

Hey All,

It's been like forever since I last updated my blog. What's new with me since last time..? A few things literally..

I met Sufian last December (2009). He is my childhood sweetheart. I know him since 11. I like him since then because he's the cutest thing my eyes ever laid on. He's short, fair and very smart. A bit of jerk because he knows that I like him and act like total asshole towards me. But, I don't hold anything against him. It's enough for me to know that he's crazy about me now. (Yesss!!) Baby, I love you..

I had my hernia operation last July. It really is painful. I couldn't walk. And a few weeks ago, my doctor told me I had another hernia. Last time it was on my right, now on my left. You had no idea how panicked I am at the moment. I just don't want to go through that again. And I wanna say thanks to Afan, Liza, Ayz, Rezza and Iqa for visiting me last time. I'm so touched.

Also, every Thursday, I play badminton with my friends at USJ. From 9pm to 12pm. I rarely exercise. So this is pretty much what I do to keep myself fit. I bought a Lightweight Carlton racket. It's really light because I don't want to strain my hand so much. Everytime I'm done playing badminton, my legs, hands, my whole body is in pain. I guess this what happens when you don't exercise much huh? :D

On 30th and 31st October, the company I work with sponsor us a trip sailing on a luxury yacht called Lili Marleen. It was an unforgettable experience. The yacht is big, 110 feet! And the thing I remember most is that all of work together setting the sail sheets. It really is beautiful. I had the pictures on my facebook :)

Today, I'm going karaoke with Shaira and Al at Redbox Pavilion. We are going to celebrate Al's birthday all together. It's too bad that my birthday this 12th November, Sufian is not gonna be there with me because he's stationed at Kerteh until March next year. It's my first birthday together and I don't get to be with someone I really wanna be with. I guess not everything can turn up the way we want it to be right.

I guess that's pretty all I can say now. I'm tired since I'm on my night shift now and not have a good sleep yet. Have a pleasant life people!