8:37 PM

Almost 2 months

Assalamualaikum.. Hey all.. How r u? I'm fine just like always.. It's been 2 months since i work here at Petronas, iPerintis. So far i've involved in 4 projects. 3 of them are for Petronas Carigali. Another one is for Ethelyne & Polyethelyne. (Didn't sure if i spelled it right). Anyways, it's been a good and fun experience for me. I met a lot of Petronas 'big' people. Plus, i get to know a lot of guys who are cute and same age as me!.. Hehe..

The internet here are sucks as always. More and more site are blocked. I am forced to concentrate on work. But, i am very busy at the moment. After development, there's always documentation. Ergh! The thought of it makes me want to vomit. But on a lighter site, I LOVE MY JOB! The pay is good, the people are friendly, my boss is extremely nice and i have lots of friends!

Around next month maybe i get to go to Kerteh. Yey! Hopefully they take us to the 'Pelantar' this time. I would love to be a Petronas IT support team. Which means we can work directly with Petronas people and be located at their main office.

Enough about my work. Right now i'm at home using Maxis Broadband i recently subscribe. This is the only way i can update my blog.

I have lots to say, but I can't seem to find the right words to write here. Well, maybe next time. Sorry if i'm being a little 'arrogant' about my job. I'm not. It's just, i really like it here. All the previous company that i used to work for is very 'bermasalah' for me. You know how it feels to finally settle in a good company right? And i am planning to stay here for a very long time. Hehe. InsyaAllah.

Oklah, hope you guys had a great weekend. Take care everyone!