9:56 AM

PERMATA Training & My new...

Assalamualaikum.. Hei guys.. Sihat kah? I'm fine as usual.. Dah nak puasa ni.. So.. harap² leh wat byk kebaikan.. dan juga dpt menguruskan badan.. Haha.. :P Haih.. i thought i've already finish with my PESITAS project.. but recently after we've trained to almost 30 users, there seems to be lots of request to change this and that.. add and remove stuff.. Looks like me and my senior will still be attached to this project..again..

I was really nervous when conducting the training at one of PERMATA's training room.. It was quite big.. and the users were kind of serious.. I mean.. most of them are not young.. (whom i can't flirt).. but only a few are (whom i can :D ) Haha..
Me.. conducting training.. cewah..
Here's me.. conducting training.. Haha.. You can check out the pictures of PERMATA here.

Yesterday.. I finally, finally, bought a new phone.. I haven't use nokia's phone for more than 2 years.. My last model was Nokia 7250.. Then i change to chinese made phone.. which is soo freakin boring.. So i determined to buy a new phone as soon as i had extra cash.. Alhamdulillah.. dapat jugak phone baru.. i have to take really good care of it.. Hilang kalau.. nangis x berlagu la.. waa...
My N95 8GB.. finally..
Owh one more thing.. I'm really pissed coz they gave me the user manual in SPAIN language!! How am i to understand? Ergh.. Anybody out there using this model? Do you have ENGLISH user manual? If u have, can u lend it to me for a while?..

Ok.. i gtg.. lots to do.. Selamat Berpuasa everyone!.. & saya nak meminta maaf atas semua kesalahan saya sama ada sengaja atau x and hope we start thing afresh..

3:47 PM

Quickie : KLIA..

I was reading through Digg, and i saw this article.. The World's Most Impressive Airport Lounges.. And KLIA has one of the best lounges in the world.. Well, according to this article la.. :)

The Golden Lounge - KLIA
I'm a bit happy our own airport made it to the list.. I know it's not a big deal.. But, we spend a lot of money on it!.. Click
here to see the rest of the lists..

11:51 AM

After castration..

Well..it's said and done.. Both my cats has being castrated.. The night before.. They are not allowed to eat/drinks after 10 p.m. "Puasa" la mcm tu.. The next day (which is Saturday), around 10.30 a.m, we arrived at DBKL/SPCA Klinik Kembiri at Setapak.. Quite a few people there.. Each owners have more than one cats.. & their cats are fo freakin fat & cute! I wish my cat are fat and overweight.. So me, my dad and my sis wait there while they took our cat to the surgery room..

Then after about 1 hour plus, I hear a loud MEEOOOWWW.. Immediately i know that that is my youngest cat.. Their turn has arrived.. After 20 minutes or so.. both left the surgery room.. Aww.. Kesiannyer.. When i look at them, i feel so saddened.. I said to the doctor, "Dieorg ni masih hidup ke?" coz both lying there..with their eyes and mouth open.. Not moving at all.. :(( I feel so guilty..

After about 2 hours, then only my youngest cat moved a bit.. But cound't stand still and keep falling.. My elder cat is still sleeping and drooling.. Cute..but sad.. :( Both took the whole day and night to recover.. Thankfully, they are quite OK now.. :) Although their backside is still red until today, but Pejai said it is normal.. God Almighty, please make them recover asap.. and make them live longer :)

3:03 PM

Training, Farewell, Cats..

Finally i'm pushing myself to update my blog.. I'm quite lazy to update it because the internet here sucks and plus, I had no idea what to talk about.. So as the title goes, that's what I'm going to write as for now..

I've recently completed my training at InfoTrek Amcorp Mall.. Where i learn Advance SharePoint 2007, ASP.Net 3.5 in Visual Studio 2008 and ADO.Net 3.5 also in VS 2008.. I enjoyed SharePoint and ASP.. ADO, not so much.. Should i elaborate more? Well, in SharePoint training, we learned mostly to code in VS 2008 and integrate it with SharePoint. Like ASP.Net, we can built our own User Control, build new customized Web Parts, templates, skins and join together with SQL Server.. There's a lot more coz' the training took us 5 days.. but i'm lazy to write it all down.. U can just YM me about it.. and i'll tell you the grandmother story :) And for those of u who are familiar with LINQ, then you'll have no problem in understanding ADO.. coz LINQ extends on ADO anyway..

So next topic.. Farewell.. not my farewell.. but my current boss farewell.. Bernard.. How sad i was when i heard he's been relocate to other department.. :( HE IS THE BEST BOSS EVER! He's not like any other boss.. He's your mentor, your big brother, your partner in crime and your friend.. and sometimes he can become such a clown.. There's one time where i was seriously consider to change to other department, but i didn't because i know i couldn't get any other boss who are better than him :( But, dah xde jodoh kan.. So i wish him all the best.. YOU ARE THE GREATEST BOSS a "kuli" like us could ever have.. You guys can view the farewell party we throw for him at my

Tomorrow InsyaAllah, i'm going to take both my male cats to "sunat" (Castration) them.. Haha.. Although it's painful i'm sure, but it's for their own good.. I want my cats to be all cute and fat! But my main intention is for their health.. I want them to live longer.. So that my child (errrr..) can play with them.. Tomorrow morning, me and my dad will take them to Klinik Kembiri which located at Setapak.. Each cat costs about RM 45.. and we'll see what more they can offer.. For the past few weeks, i've been reading lots of religious opinion regarding castration of cats.. I've found one that is convincing from SPCA and leads me to take this action.. Here goes :-

According to the experts, neutered cats are healthier and less prone cancerous of the reproductive organs. Cats become less likely to wander and will therefore not get lost, hurt, sick and not incur the wrath of the public from their mating activities.

We have referred to the "Jawatankuasa Kemajuan Islam Malaysia" regarding the neutering of pets. Below is the "fatwa" issued by JAKIM (July 2002):

"All pets like cats and dogs are allowed to be neutered or spayed in order to maintain the health and welfare of both the animals and the community."

"Bahawa mengembiri binatang kesayangan seperti kucing atau anjing hukumnya adalah diharuskan dengan sebab-sebab tertentu iaitu bagi menjaga muslahat ummah."

After studying the messages of the aforementioned "mazhab"s and the medical viewpoint of the SPCA animal experts, 'JAKIM' has decided that neutering of cats for reasons of 'maslahat' is acceptable. It is in agreement with 'qaedah' (way) Fiqhiyyah which states "To choose the lesser of two evils"

So.. hopefully, i made the right decisions.. :) I would appreciate your opinions btw..

I guess that's all for today.. Have a nice weekend everyone!