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1. I'm single and available :P hahahahahahahaha.. but it's true!

2. I just turned 24 but already 25 this year, demmit!
3. I love chocolates!
4. I'm selective of who is my friend. I don't keep those who bring bad influence(s) and who are not loyal.
5. But i'm very protective and really care for my friends :)
6. I hate driving!
7. I'm working at Shell IT International now ;)

1. I can sit down in front of computer playing games and surfing for 48 hours without doing anything else.

2. I have a thing for a guy with short and spiky hair!
3. I got angry for those who can't keep their words..
4. I also get angry easily but can cool down immediately :O
5. I like to bite myself and others :p
6. I'm allergic to coffee and cigaretts. These both gives me terrible headache!

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Your friends?

You know what? Sometimes.. you got your heartbroken not just by your love one.. But also by your frens.. Frens you thought are your best buddies.. Today, i come a point where i think.. these people.. the one you called frens, they come and go.. They come when the time they need you, they r week, they need your help.. and go when they no longer need anything from you..

I'm not gonna say i'm a perfect fren.. But i try to be one.. I always very protective of my frens.. I care about them.. I try to be there for them whenever they need me.. I don't mind if they don't respond the same but i really appreciate loyalty.. The one who doesn't sold you out when you still think they r your best of fren..

It's really easy for me to cut frens.. The one who i think only needs me when they need my help, they can go.. They can find new frens.. i don't even care.. When i reached that point, don't even expect me to show up even in whatever condition u r.