7:13 PM

After PESITAS UAT & 1st Tagged

Assalamualaikum.. Hi there.. Today i'm going to update my blog.. 1stly coz, i haven't update for a long time (not unless u count my last entry..which i wrote as a way for me to express my anger..), 2ndly coz, i've been tagged by Dayah.. well.. we all know the rules.. if we got tagged, we had to it.. hehe.. So i'm gonna start my entry with this tagged here..


1. A new phone!
I seriously need this one :( The reason is because my current phone is soo boring. My dad bought me this chinese phone.. N the only cool thing about it is, it can store 2 sim card, touch screen and kinda thin.. I can't mms, can't gprs with it, no bluetooth, no infrared.. n surely, no 3G.. Since i just join the Celcom 1+3 plan, it would be a waste if i don't use those facilities.. The phone i had in mind is of coz, iPhone 3G.. But if this phone is not available until August, i think i'm just gonna grab any phone with a big display screen + 3G..

2. A free-for-a-lifetime airlines tickets to KK, Sabah.

Air Asia
One reason only, Sammy :( Everytime i think about him, it makes me want to relocate to Sabah.. coz it's nearer to him and i wouldn't have to miss him so much.. I hate missing him.. Even though i know i can relocate there, it would jeopardize my career :( I wouldn't want that.. and he wouldn't want that.. So if i could just have this thing i wish for.. I would be the happiest person on earth :D

3. The new Mercedes C Class

Mercedes C Class
OMG! Who on earth would want to give me that?! Even in my dreams, no one would!.. But seriously.. I would love to have this car.. It's really f**king expensive though.. One day, maybe.. I have this car.. But it doesn't matter.. I love my Kelisa..

4. A cat

Cute Cat
Owh well.. I wish I had a cat.. My mom forbids me from having a cat though.. I used to have 2 cats.. called Kit and Kat.. one died and another one missing.. really breaks my heart though.. and since then, i never had a cat.. but i would love to have a cat.. and Sammy loves cat! He looks like he can make out with them.. Haha.. kiddin' :p

5. My own apartment at KL

This one, i'm gonna ask from my dad!.. Haha.. Abah, pls pls bought me an apartment in KL.. I can't afford it :(( Waaaaaa :((


1. Adik Marini
2. She likes Harry Potter! Just like me!
3. Sweetest gurl i've ever met.
4. Bright
5. Patient & sometimes too soft


1. She always listen to my problem.
2. She cooked for me.
3. She always let me eat her food.
4. She always had time for me.
5. Well.. i can't imagine my life without her.

I guess that's all for my tagged.. Today i finished my UAT with PETRONAS Steam and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Training and Assessment Scheme (PESITAS).. It was ok.. We conduct it for two days starting last monday.. Finally, my first .Net project are over.. I'm so relief.. I know i suck at it.. but i learned a lot.. And i'm looking forward for more .Net project so that i can polish my skills.. and hopefully I stop being stupid this time.. :(

Well.. that's all for now.. I want to paste a few of my codings here but it keeps giving me error.. It's ok.. i'll see what i can do. In the mean time, take care!

5:47 PM

Now it feels like the real world..

This is actually the first time my boss sound me off for being not clever :(( It hurts.. yeah.. I feel down for a couple of hours before I can pull myself back together.. I admit, i sucks badly.. I need to prove myself that i'm better.. I can do .Net and i'm gonna be good at it.. go me!

P/s : Today dh sebulan i'm with Sammy.. rasa mcm dh setahun pula :p