2:50 AM

Official Member of...

I'm really keeping myself busy.. Why? No straight answer.. But recently this past few days I've joined the photography class held by Kelab Shell Cyberjaya (KSC) and I went to meet the official members of Team City and register myself..

For the photography class, there's no specific reason on why i joined it.. I just thought since they are going to teach us on how to use the macro function, I might as well learned it.. So, now I know it.. For those who don't know, (Correct me if i'm wrong).. it is used to take a close up picture of an object.. Like an eye of a spider.. Or lalat.. Haha.. I don't have the big-big camera, DSLR or whatever they called it, i'm only using Ixus.. So for these camera, u change the function to the macro icon (flower icon), and disable your flash.. Then you find the focus point of your object, u go really near to the object, half click it, then pull back your camera a bit to the object full view, then snap it (again, correct me if i'm wrong).. As you can see below, these are a few object that I tried with the macro function.. I know i'm no good at this.. Appreciate your feedback :D

My 1st Macro Shoot

And this one too.. Ok or not?

Sorry, i couldn't find any spider or lalat there.. Maybe next time.. If i want la.. Usually i don't intend to keep it :P

Second of all, today 25th, i went to Yau Yip Exhaust, Glenmarie Shah Alam where I meet the official members of the Team City club.. They are all very welcoming.. Most of the members are really friendly.. And, most importantly their cars are really impressive.. Wish mine is cool like 'em.. Plus, this event were held to show us on how to mod cars.. I don't really understand whatever they were doing.. But really, i'm trying.. Owh, i forgot to mention that i took aL@laLat to accompany me.. At least he knows more about cars than i am.. Below are the a few pic.. You can see all the pic i took

They are blocking my car.. *sigh" it's ok.. the car got nothing to show anyway :P

Group photo!

So i guess that's all for now.. I gtg back to work.. See ya later!

12:27 PM

What's New? #April 2009

Salam.. So many and so little to say.. I write what comes to my mind..

1. Politics is crazy nowdays..Drives me crazy too..
2. I'm completely obsessed with Twilight. On Friday, i start reading New Moon at about 6 p.m. and I finished the whole book around 5 a.m this morning.. Can you believed that? It was near to 600 pages! I really need some sleep now..
3. I LOVE Edward Cullen.. He's just soo perfect.. Well, except he is a vampire. Not a problem rite?
4. I spend soo much time alone this few weeks.. I shopped alone, watch movies alone.. Eat and wondering alone.. Go everywhere alone.. N yet, i didn't feel lonely.. I'm..happy.. peaceful.. Is something wrong with me?
5. I feel like I attract the wrong crowd again..
6. Although I'm moving on, try to live my life as happy n joyful as i could, I hate to admit that I'm broken beyond repair. I hope one day i was wrong..