2:12 PM

My Fave Products

Hi all.. Today i'm going to share some information on my favourite products that i'm currently using and will keep on using until i'm old enough to not care about myself anymore.. Haha.. Below are the pictures and their details..

  • For Face : Vitamic C Plus Time Release Capsules. The Body Shop. RM 89.00. Use every night for 28 days in a row. Makes your face fairer and smoother.
  • For Face : Two way Whitening Foundation with SPF 20. Revlon. RM 59.00. Cover up scars perfectly.
  • For Hair : L'oreal Elseve Nutri-Gloss Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask. L'oreal. Around RM 60.00 for all three products. For soft, shiny and manageable hair.
  • For Hair : Kerastase Oleo Relax Anti-Frizz Serum. L'oreal. RM 70.00. Prevents frizz and split end.
  • For Hair : Gugo Shampoo. Felisa Cosmetics. RM 25.00. Use this if you are experiencing hair loss. It will help strengthen your hair.
  • For Skin : Amalaki & Neem Vitamins. Himalaya. RM 34.00 each. Helps maintain healthy skin and hair.
I guess that's all. Hope you girls or guys find this information helpful and some of you can stop asking me questions about what i used for skin, face, etc.. Hehe

Happy New Year everyone!

4:12 PM


Hi.. I still feel a bit shock now.. Is it blogs has been unblock by PetroNet? OR is it for temporary only? One thing I hate it here is that this guys keep blocking and blocking sites everyday.. I wish they don't block blogs.. Pleaaaaseeee guys.. Let us have a bit of life here.. Hehe..

Right now i'm kinda addicted to Facebook.. I used to have Friendster, MySpace & whatever it is that's like that.. & I close my account due to one tragic incident.. And after that, i don't join any 'friends space' anymore..

But as i try out Facebook, i become addicted to it.. I can't even concentrate on my job.. And yesterday, they blocked Facebook! I became so angry because that's the only interesting thing in the Internet here.. But today they unblock Facebook.. So happy.. and now, they unblock blogs.. Aaa..so happy.. Hehehe..

Oklah..Get back to work! Later..

6:57 PM

Pc Fair & Fakri

Assalamualaikum & Hi fellas...

How's your weekend? Mine is a bit fun actually although i didn't go on a date with my man.. Hehe.. Yesterday, fakri gave me a surprise visit to klcc.. I am so happy to see him.. We are really close back when we are still young and immature.. I love being friends with him and i always thought if i were to have a younger brother, it would be him.. Hehe.. He's still cute, funny and his voice is still like those chipmunks.. Thanks for those kebab fakri.. Baru la dpt rasa duit fakri.. Hehe.. Bile tah nak dpt rasa duit yazid plak.. :-"

Both of us went to PC Fair at convention centre.. I bought myself a FM Modulator.. It's for a car.. But until now i can't make it work.. Either the thing is faulty or i did it wrong.. Hurm, maybe i asked jinggoat about it..

I've just got back from my little brother kinder garden concert.. He looks so cute!! He performs "Three Blind Mice", "I'm a Little Teapot" and "Poly put The Kettle On".. Isn't it adorable?.. Here's the picture of him dancing the "I'm a Little Teapot"

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Next is, I want to congratulate my ex-college mate, Nur Izwani for her marriage.. And her wedding this coming 15.. Although we were not really close back in the days but still, she's a friend and I wish her all the best.. May happiness be with her always.. Thanks for the invitation Wani.. I would love to come to your wedding.. I really do.. But i can't promise anything since I might be at Kerteh that day.. I'll try my best to be there.. But if i can't, i apologize.. I'm sure you gonna have a beautiful wedding.. On top of that, I'm so happy that you finally settling down with someone.. Hope you will have a wonderful lifetime together.. Amin..

Well, i guess that's all i have to say for now.. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.. And for all those girls, let's do some shopping this month! Hehe.. Take care..