6:12 PM

iPhone, BlackBerry, iCrap, CrapBerry

January 30th, 2011.

I don't get it.. Why people are so crazy about iPhone (from now refer to as iCrap) or BlackBerry (from now refer to CrapBerry)..

I don't mind if people who owned CrapBerry use it for business purposes.. Like sending work related email from anywhere or you are a manager that needs to know all issue(s) your team are facing..

But for normal employee? Why do you need that? Do you need to stay online 24 hours a day all time? Well, not me. I need my offline time.

Seeing Facebook this day, each time there's a person who update their status using CrapBerry, u can see people are going "Congrats new BB user" or "(Excitedly) What's your pin?" or "Wah.. hebatnyer pakai BB".. WTF?? Is that suppose to be some kind of success? Puhhleeezz..

And what about iCrap? You guys keep falling for Steve Jobs tricks! He launched iCrap 3 for that is so pricey.. Then add a few stupid features, launched iCrap 3G S which is ridiculously expensive.. N now iCrap 4.. Do i need to mention the price? N yet, people are soo wowed by it. Hey, if you are rich than had no idea what to do with your money, then please.. go ahead.. But if you are looking something that is value for money, don't go with this iCrap..

Also not forgetting iPad.. I mean.. c'mon! Sure it looks cool and all.. But for what purposes?? I myself love it when I first saw it.. After a quick browsing at a local store, I'm like "This is it? This is all this thing can do" for 3k? Madness..

All i'm trying to understand is.. Why people love these phone so much.. I come with several answer..

iCrap Users
  • They love the iCrap design
  • They love touch screen
  • Glamour kot
  • Easier way to share pic or everything in Facebook or Twitter
  • Bigger screen
  • It's Apple

CrapBerry Users
  • BBM for Free! (they don't count the BB service charge)
  • Stay online with friends ALL the time
  • Can update their Facebook or Twitter ALL the time (with WiFi nearby)
  • I don't know what else..

At the moment, this two phone didn't do it for me.. And I don't see a reason to get one.. (Never even thinking of getting one).. But then, since it's Apple first attempt of a phone, let's give 'em a break.. See if they can come with something that is worth my money.. As for CrapBerry, maybe if one day I become a manager, I might get one.. But the phone is strictly for business related.. Or it's free, given by the company :D

I'm liking Android. I don't have one now but I'm planning on getting one. Waiting for Android 3.0 :)