3:16 AM


3rd February 2011.

This days most of us, our life is centered around Facebook. What we do, where we are, what happened to us, what we want or don't want.., we update it in our Facebook.. I'm one of them.. But I try my best to only updates on things that I feel appropriate.. Like I state on the above..

Some people update what they ate, their moods, relationship problems they have (this including ups and downs), their pet(s), their attempt on selling products, multi-level marketing, how to earn more money by doing this that, what I mean is.. They update everything..

I'm not saying I'm perfect at updating my Facebook, I'm not. I have my fair share of "uncoolness" for sharing information over Facebook that did not need to be shared. I am ashamed of it :(

But I try not to become so self-obsessed. And since when do we became narcissistic? Since we have Facebook. After reading a bunch of articles over the net, I guess I'm one of them. Always updating my status and all. Sh*t. I don't like this trait. But I applaud myself to not always update my status all the time or share everything.

But hey, I don't mind if Facebook users share great articles that gave us information. That's really cool. I don't share informational stuff over my wall, but I do read them. I guess I'm more to reading type.

And I do agreed that Facebook is a great tool to share info, pictures, events, news, etc.. But please, we do not want to know everything that we don't need to know.

Here's an interesting readings : How to Suck at Facebook and Facebooks connection with Narcissism..

P/s : I'm allowed to write my thoughts on everything right? So don't go holding grudges against me for voicing out my opinion. If you don't like it, then move along. You don't have to agree with me. And I don't need to agree with you :)